satin and steel jayna vixen pdf

Satin and steel jayna vixen pdf

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Gringa: Since You've Been Gone

Taming The Biker: The Biker, #5

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Gringa: Since You've Been Gone

By Eve Rabi. While holidaying in Mexico, I was accosted by Diablo and shot, because the motherfucker mistook me for a spy. I survived, only to encounter him again months later. He could shoot me — I no longer cared.

But, to my surprise, the fucker became fascinated with me and blackmailed me into becoming his woman. He was Kong, hairy, tattooed from fingertips to face, with scary ass piercings, blood-shot snake eyes, a ruthless killer and above all, he was my murderer — how could anyone expect me to say yes?

To save the village I had to. He took me by force, terrorized me into submission and made me his. To make matters worse, I had to put up with his ruthless, backstabbing family who hated me and wanted to kill me.

I despised the bastard and I told him that. Spark flew. Fists too. When the FBI came on the scene and secretly recruited me to help put Diablo behind bars, I was thrilled.

I wanted them to throw his ass behind bars, then torment him for the rest of his life like he was doing to me. I was willing to do whatever it took to get him there. But, the more I rejected Diablo, the more he wanted me. At times he wanted to kill me because of my insolence, but other times he just wanted me to love him. I was his Gringa and in an attempt to get my love, he began to change for me.

Drastic changes that made me laugh at him at first, then made me curious and even intrigued me. Here was a man who actually wanted me and was willing to do whatever it took to get me — how the hell could I not be flattered?

As the days went by, I found myself drawn to him and I began seeing him differently. When I found out about his past, everything changed. I now wanted to protect my murderer, my tormentor, The Devil of Mexico from the FBI and I was prepared to lie to the Feds, if it meant saving him from them. I was even prepared to go to jail for him.

And I did. My days in Mexico were filled with violence, hate, lust and sorrow. It was also filled with laughter, love and passion and most importantly, it taught me that love conquers all. WARNING: This book contains sexual violence, sex scenes, graphic language, drug references, violence and is suitable for mature readers.

I read it all in one sitting. I couldnt peel my eyes away even for a minute. The story had it all from action to romance. It's horrible, dirty, raw, passionate, hilarious, sweet, sad, addictive, and so much more. There is no zero to 60 in 3 seconds here. Her characters are flawed and multi-dimentional. They also experience growth throughout the book. There are plenty of twists and turns in ths book to keep you guessing.

Nuff said. The author has woven such intricate characters in this tale and I will be hard pressed to find another book which was so well rounded and beautifully written. This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This ebook may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author.

So, Eve is giving the original ending this book to them at no cost, once you have uploaded a review on Amazon. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, brands, and media used in this book are fictitious and are the product of the author's imagination. The author acknowledges the trademark status and trademark owners referenced in this work of fiction, which have been used without permission.

The publication use of this trademark is not authorized, associated with, or sponsored by the trademark owners. A better kind of normal though. Now that Christa and her family are out of the picture, I see a marked change in Diago. No longer is he that dark, foreboding presence who sends everyone scurrying the moment they see him.

I believe that Christa and her sons kept the beast in him alive. I smile. Your men will be there, having fun and getting to know the villagers. That is so sad, Diago, you being Mexican and all. I mean, you guys are supposed to be Latin King. To my disappointment, he will not be swayed. Diago is still fairly reclusive and is still not comfortable with people in his personal space. Something to do with being paraded by Jimo like a circus monkey when he was little. At least the men are enthusiastic.

We go shopping for clothes — Santana, Maria, Rosa, and me. We try on a ton of make-up, beautiful clothes and the shoes, wow! At the dinner table, we continue talking about the fair. I tell them about the kissing booth we held at one of my university fairs. We must remember to get some cherry lip gloss and mints. I smooth my hands over my short, strapless, denim dress. I shrug again. I preen in front of the mirror. You look fabulous — all dolled up. You gonna break some hearts there, huh?

Diago purses his lips and twitches his nostrils like Russ used to do. Russ was an old German Shepherd I once rescued. He died while trying to hump our neighbour's Toy Pom. I look at them. Especially Troy - he looks really good today. Overall, they all look approachable, not like the flame-throwers they really are.

Streamers and flags decorate the fair and the music blares. The people of Siempre love it and take turns throughout the day to say thank you to them and to me. The food stalls are laden with tons of delicious food cooked in …trans-fat, I guess, and the drinking mini taverns are filled with tipsy people having a good time.

The kids enjoy the free rides, while others dance in the area designated for dancing as well as everywhere else. But they now love it and fight over the mikes so they can belt out JLo and Ricky Martin tunes. This fair is a good idea and a really great moral booster all round. Elaine and Paris are there, looking hot and enjoying the party too.

Look at the old goat. His behaviour is ridiculous. I look at my father and raise my eyebrows. I look at him and my eyebrows disappear behind my spiky fringe. Open navigation menu. Close suggestions Search Search. User Settings. Skip carousel. Carousel Previous. Carousel Next. What is Scribd? Find your next favorite book Become a member today and read free for 30 days Start your free 30 days.

Create a List. Download to App. Length: pages 2 hours. Gringa - a modern—day, love story that will have you laughing, crying and wanting more! Contemporary Women's.

Taming The Biker: The Biker, #5

By Cassie Alexandra and K. After a short fling with hell-raising womanizer, Taylor Tail Adams, Lauren Macey discovers that she's pregnant with the biker's child. Knowing that the MC lifestyle isn't what she wants for their baby, and that Tail isn't exactly 'father' material, Lauren decides not to tell him. This proves challenging, especially when she realizes that he isn't ready to end their affair…. This story contains crude language, sexual situations, and violence. Is not suitable for readers under the age of

This prequel to the popular novel, Satin and Steel, is told from Daxs perspective. It tells the story of how one young man with a troubled past rises to achieve rank in an outlaw motorcycle club. Loosely inspired by the hit television show, Sons ofMoreThis prequel to the popular novel, Satin and Steel, is told from Daxs perspective. Loosely inspired by the hit television show, Sons of Anarchy, this work contains elements of abuse, first time sex, and violence. Dax Jamison has had a rough start in life. His childhood is riddled with neglect and abuse, and at first, he fares no better in foster care. Then, hes placed with a family that he can tolerate, but Dax isnt exactly flourishing

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All Rhiannon Blake wanted was to find her little sister, Mickey. The last thing she expected when she walked into the seedy biker bar was to be assaulted. Luckily, Dax Jamison, the tall, muscled, vice president of The Phantoms motorcycle crew rescues her. At first, the innocent college girl clashes with the dominant biker.

By Eve Rabi. While holidaying in Mexico, I was accosted by Diablo and shot, because the motherfucker mistook me for a spy. I survived, only to encounter him again months later. He could shoot me — I no longer cared. But, to my surprise, the fucker became fascinated with me and blackmailed me into becoming his woman.


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