zero first and second conditional worksheet pdf

Zero first and second conditional worksheet pdf

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Published: 01.06.2021

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Zero - First - Second Conditionals

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The Zero Conditional. Zero conditionals are used to talk about facts, such as scientific facts, or when the result of the condition is always true.. If you heat ice, it melts. You can check the answers and learn the result of your quiz after you finish the test. Exercise 2 Study each situation and complete the sentence below.

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Home English Grammar First conditional. I think there is a real possibility of rain tomorrow. In this condition, I will stay at home. Zero conditional Second conditional Third conditional. Did you like this grammar explanation? Get a free trial of our Online Grammar Course for more. I give students some more examples to finish orally and then have them make their own examples.


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Conditionals online worksheet for Upper-intermediate/Advanced. You can do the exercises online or download the worksheet as pdf.

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Interactive Version - In this first conditional interactive worksheet, students use the first conditional to complete sentences in a story. Interactive Version - This interactive first conditional PDF worksheet contains a variety of exercises to help students learn and practice the first conditional tense. Interactive Version - In this interactive first conditional breakout room game, pairs of students guess the endings of first conditional sentences a partner wrote. Interactive Version - In this free first conditional interactive PDF worksheet, students complete a variety of exercises to help them practice the first conditional for advice. Interactive Version - In this interactive first conditional Business English worksheet, students complete a range of exercises to practice the first conditional tense in a business context.

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Conditional Exercises

If Conditionals Exercise 3. Only use contractions for negative forms - e.

Zero - First - Second Conditionals

Skip to main content. If you freeze water, it becomes solid. If it rains tomorrow, I'll take the car. If I lived closer to the cinema, I would go more often. Conditionals 1: Grammar test 1. Conditionals describe the result of a certain condition.

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First Conditional Exercise - Perfect English Grammar

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    Conditionals online activity for IV. You can do the exercises online or download the worksheet as pdf.

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    For more informaton about zero and first conditionals, see Unit 5 Second conditional The second conditional is about imaginary results of impossible or unlikely conditions in the present or future.


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