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Starting to Understand Popular Culture

The Role of Mass Media in Society

What is Popular Culture? A Discovery Through Contemporary Art

The purpose of this chapter is to define media, society and culture broadly. Chapters 2 and 3 deal with communication theory in more detail. Digital culture is covered in depth in Chapter 2. There are different forms of communication.

Starting to Understand Popular Culture

In , an epidemic swept America—but instead of leaving victims sick with fever or flu, this was a rabid craze for the music of Swedish soprano Jenny Lind. American showman P. Barnum who would later go on to found the circus we now know as Ringling Bros. Ever the savvy self-promoter, Barnum turned this huge investment to his advantage, using it to drum up publicity—and it paid off. A town in California and an island in Canada were named in her honor. Enthusiasts could purchase Jenny Lind hats, chairs, boots, opera glasses, and even pianos. A little more than a century later, a new craze transformed American teenagers into screaming, fainting Beatle-maniacs.

In this essay, I consider the impact of the Internet on the arts and media, focusing, though not exclusively, on film, journalism, and, especially, popular music, which serves as an extended case study. I will consider these economic changes, but also discuss the implications for creative workers and for the public at large. At certain points, I may use language that implies that the Internet has had an effect on the world or on its users. The reader should be aware that talk about the Internet effect , although at times a useful shorthand, should never be taken too seriously, for at least three reasons. They provide affordances Gibson that allow us to be ourselves, to do the things we like or need to do, more easily. The availability of these affordances may change behavior by reducing the cost in time or money of certain activities e.

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The Role of Mass Media in Society

The Internet, and Web 2. This allows the production of large quantities of content, both amateur and professional. Online memes, which are extensions of usually citizen-created viral content, are a recent and popular example of this. This thesis examines the participation of ordinary individuals in political culture online through humor creation. It focuses on citizen-made political humor memes as an example of engaged citizen discourse. The memes comprise of photographs of political figures altered either by captions or image editing software, and can be compared to more traditional mediums such as political cartoons, and 'green screens' used in filmmaking. Popular culture is often used as a 'common language' to communicate meanings in these texts.

Your complimentary articles. You can read four articles free per month. To have complete access to the thousands of philosophy articles on this site, please. As Brummett explains in Rhetorical Dimensions of Popular Culture , pop culture involves the aspects of social life most actively involved in by the public. Popular culture is also informed by the mass media.

It is a string of symbols, specific narratives, discourses, artifacts and objects that is never to be untangled. Popular culture is a situation of constantly fluctuating interaction between various narratives, actors and practices. It is something that exists in the shared discourse of contemporary globalized culture, seemingly lingering outside of the reach of minds that are constantly chasing its meaning, yet almost primordially already deeply influenced by it. Trying to understand what is popular culture seems to be an endeavor that can never reach its purpose. There are only so many aspects one can grasp at a time, unsure if all characteristics are dwelled upon, yet certain that some will be left out. We will try to look at some of the most significant theoretical frameworks needed to only start to unravel this puzzle, followed by discourses which have emerged as the most significant ones, ever since this enigma of shared reality started encompassing our world.

The Effects of the Internet and Globalization on Popular Culture and In , another German printer, Friedrich Koenig, pushed media production even further barriers—anyone with a book in a PDF file can whip up a nice-looking.

What is Popular Culture? A Discovery Through Contemporary Art

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