occupational health and safety pdf in sinhala

Occupational health and safety pdf in sinhala

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Environmental and Health and Safety Management

OHSAS 18001

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Environmental and Health and Safety Management

Background: Tea pluckers in Sri Lanka play a prominent role in supplying tea for the local and foreign demand. Long standing, bearing weight on back, repetitive hand movements, slip and falls due to walking on uneven grounds lead to various health problems among them. Thus, this study was aimed to assess the prevalence of musculoskeletal pain and environmental health hazards among tea pluckers of Maddekanda tea estate in Balangoda area, Sri Lanka. Design and Methods: A descriptive cross-sectional study was carried out among tea pluckers, recruited using simple random sampling method. Data were collected by validated, pretested interviewer administered questionnaire and descriptive and inferential statistical analyses were performed by using SPSS v Results: The prevalence of musculoskeletal pain in any region of the body was

Most of the shops, restaurants, hotels, and food supply places were shut down for months and in the near future those places are going to be reopened. Fact Sheets. Diarrhoea remains the most common complaint amongst tourists visiting Sri Lanka. Food Act, No. These programs include orientations for all new employees, refresher sessions for current employees on a range of issues for food safety, sanitation, and worker safety, and job-specific education to ensure that people do their work properly and safely. Since , Sri Lanka has been suffering from a severe drought that is still affecting 1.

The occupational safety and health OSH management strategies that could be implemented in the construction sites were identified through a comprehensive literature survey and a pilot survey. Success of these mechanisms in the local industry was analyzed and was subsequently used to develop the OSH management framework. A further ten OSH management mechanisms were established as adequate safety supervision, site environment, controlling the workers' safe and healthy behaviour, centralized OSH management unit, resources and insurance policies, management commitment, supportive devices, OSH documentation, OSH education and awareness, and OSH committee. Further, these ten mechanisms were used to establish the OSH framework to be implemented in Sri Lankan construction sites. De Silva, N. Emerald Group Publishing Limited. Report bugs here.

OHSAS 18001

Metrics details. Occupational hazards is an area where many countries have begun to pay more emphasis as it affects the health of many particularly in developing countries. However, documented literature is scarce in this regard although occupational hazards are common in workplaces. The study was carried out with the objective of describing the physical hazards and control measures adopted in the formal medium and large-scale industrial sector in Sri Lanka. Of the 69 units of the 25 factories, physical hazards detected in the workplaces were; excessive noise

At Maga, we place the foremost priority to protecting the health and safety of our employees, clients, contractors, suppliers and general public who are the end-users of the buildings and infrastructure we create. Our vision has always centered on creating a workplace where zero accidents occur. In translating this vision into action, our aim is to not only comply with requirements of the relevant legislations and procedures, but to build a work culture and environment where health and safety is imbedded in the DNA - or grassroots level - of the organisation. All our employees receive training in health and safety, whilst our subcontractors and suppliers are made to abide by our safety standards and procedures. We recognize that much more work has to be done in this sphere if we are create zero accident environments and improve the safety standards of supply chains, and we are committed to this end. Project or activity-related health and safety hazards and risks are constantly identified and incorporated in to standard operating procedure.

In accordance with the Factories Ordinance, it is obligatory for the employer to ensure health, safety and welfare of persons at workplace. The establishment should be monitored to check the quality of the premises; cleanliness; overcrowding; maintain reasonable temperature; ventilation; lighting; drainage of floors and sanitary convenience. Safety of the worker must be ensured by installing and maintaining the machinery, mechanisms, transmission apparatus, tools, equipment and machines in best possible safety conditions. Tools, equipment, machines, or products used must be organized properly guaranteeing the safety of workers. Safety conditions of an establishment should also be monitored regarding risks of falling; moving heavy objects; protection from dangerous machines and apparatus; preventive measures to be taken for work in confined areas or for work done in an isolated environment; risks of liquids spilling and fire prevention.

workers in Sri Lanka. country. According to the Sri Lankan vital statistics it is observed that from our population is aging. It is.

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Show full item record. Institutional-Repository, University of Moratuwa. Safety performance of construction industry in Sri Lanka Login.

Throughout the s there was a proliferation of health and safety departments, environmental compliance personnel, and technical people associated with handling pollution control and waste management. American industry has been over the last several years contracting and downsizing their operations. In doing so, many corporations, large and small, are demanding greater responsibilities be delegated to middle and line function management. This individual, as stated above, has a dual responsibility that requires both technical and managerial skills in two arenas. In this regard, this book provides the working professional a reference on both the environmental regulations and industry safety standards.

Fall Hazards 1. Building Structures 2. Exterior Construction Areas 3. Scaffolds 4. Stairs 5.


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