human anatomy and histology pdf

Human anatomy and histology pdf

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Comparative Anatomy and Histology

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histology notes for medical students pdf

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Comparative Anatomy and Histology

It is an old science, having its beginnings in prehistoric times. Anatomy and physiology , which study the structure and function of organisms and their parts respectively, make a natural pair of related disciplines , and are often studied together. Human anatomy is one of the essential basic sciences that are applied in medicine. The discipline of anatomy is divided into macroscopic and microscopic. Macroscopic anatomy, or gross anatomy , is the examination of an animal's body parts using unaided eyesight. Gross anatomy also includes the branch of superficial anatomy. Microscopic anatomy involves the use of optical instruments in the study of the tissues of various structures, known as histology , and also in the study of cells.

New for 2020-2021

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The coronavirus disease COVID pandemic represents an unprecedented threat to global health that requires effective and immediate action at all levels. We have been heartened to see how the scientific community responded rapidly to the outbreak with previously unseen levels of openness and collaboration; though the COVID pandemic is now disrupting many aspects of everyday life, and we are concerned for the countless researchers who have been, or will be, affected by the crisis. In response to the requests of its scientific community and to guarantee a quality publication according to the best practices international editorial standards, the Italian Journal of Anatomy and Embryology is changing its editorial line, its frequency and its organizational structure. This may result in a delay with respect to the usual publication times. We apologize to Readers and Authors. ISSN online.

Anatomy describes the structure and location of the different components of an organism to provide a framework for understanding. Human anatomy studies the way that every part of a human, from molecules to bones, interacts to form a functional whole. There are two major types of anatomy. Gross macroscopic anatomy is the study of anatomical structures that can be seen by the naked eye, such as the external and internal bodily organs. Microscopic anatomy is the study of tiny anatomical structures such as tissues and cells. Regional anatomy is widely used in modern teaching because it is easier to apply to a clinical setting than systemic anatomy. Surface anatomy is also widely used to gauge the position and structure of deeper organs, tissues, and systems.

histology notes for medical students pdf

A comprehensive note and a related hand-drawn diagram will surely make each topic easy and quick to revise in a short period of time. Alemayehu Bedane, Abiyot Desta. General Histology pdf. Marks : 70 Note: Answer all questions.

Anatomy, Embryology, Histology and Physiology of the Spleen

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    Aim of this presentation When starting to learn histology, I was looking for simple overviews presenting the key features of each tissue type or tissue found in the body.

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    during her tenure as Professor in the Department of Anatomy (University of Minnesota. Medical School). Each tissue specimen, in its entirety, has been digitized.

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    The second edition of Comparative Anatomy and Histology is aimed at the new rodent investigator as well as medical and veterinary pathologists who need to expand their knowledge base into comparative anatomy and histology.


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