china pakistan economic corridor and its implications on india pdf

China pakistan economic corridor and its implications on india pdf

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Published: 30.05.2021

Center for Strategic & International Studies

Master's Thesis, 2016

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Login Register. Author Hussain, Muzaffar. Advisor Looney, Robert E. Second Reader Halladay, Carolyn. Metadata Show full item record. The CPEC, in addition to boosting Pakistan's economy and meeting China's energy needs and development of its western region, is likely to bring stability in the region through economic integration.

Nonetheless, a project of such scale certainly faces equally significant challenges. This thesis examines obstacles that have the potential to affect the implementation of the project, including the unstable situation in Afghanistan, competing interests of immediate neighbors like India and Iran, especially India's suspicions, and U.

The thesis draws from a wide range of scholarly and peer-reviewed literature, academic journals, think-tank reports, and government-sponsored studies. Missing from their analysis, though, is the consideration of the regional geopolitical dynamics and Pakistan's domestic challenges, particularly insecurity and violence that can affect the implementation of the CPEC project. This thesis seeks to address that gap and provides policy recommendations for Pakistan to deal with potential impediments in implementation of the project.

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Pakistan and Turkey are located in natural disaster-prone regions. The frequency of occurrence is high with varying magnitudes. These natural disasters often lead to a multitude of losses. The overall impact of natural CPEC is part of China's The public procurement procedure Export search results. Export citations. The list of citations that can be exported is limited to items. Export Citations.

Master's Thesis, 2016

China is opening up its land borders in Xinjiang to interact more freely with Central Asia and Europe. India views this as a violation of its sovereignty. India feels that the corridor infringes on its sovereignty because it passes through Gilgit—Baltistan in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir PoK. Connectivity with Central Asia and Europe through its northern frontiers would be economically more beneficial for India than continued reliance on the shipping lanes. The problem is that the Indian strategic psyche is fixated on seeing control of oceans as the only means to acquire greatness. It is for this reason that it demands freedom of navigation on the oceans, but opposes smooth trade flows across soft borders on land. If trade has the right to move freely on sea lanes of communication SLOCs , then land-based trade should also be allowed to move with relative ease.

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, CPEC had stalled. The projects that are already underway or that have been completed are far from negligible, however. This will see the addition of a couple of hydro-electric power plants and the upgrading of the ML-1 railway line between Karachi and Peshawar. Islamabad is embroiled in renegotiations with China over doubling the payback period on the existing CPEC energy projects and addressing its worsening debts. Some elements of this rebalancing of CPEC had always been envisaged. The shift away from heavy capital investment in a second phase was a feature of the original plans.

Five years later, a quarter of announced projects have been completed, energy projects dominate, and industrialization efforts are lagging, according to data collected by the CSIS Reconnecting Asia Project and made available to the public here. Using official targets, however, the CPEC has underperformed. By , Pakistan was again facing unsustainable debt levels and sought assistance from China, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates. In , Pakistan received a bailout from the International Monetary Fund, and its economy mostly appeared to be moving in reverse : growth slowed to 3. Less than half 54 out of projects are completed or under construction. These activities reflect a broad definition that counts projects announced by either side as well as media reports associating them with the CPEC.

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Against this background, it is important to look closely at what both the Pakistani and Chinese governments say is the huge promise of their massive joint project, the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor CPEC. As a poor developing country with a huge population, finding decent jobs and a sustainable livelihood are naturally major concerns for ordinary Pakistanis and just as naturally part of the expectations from the CPEC. But the Pakistani economy is in some difficulty. In addition, Pakistan also faces a severe energy crisis and infrastructure deficit that further stifles economic activity.

The politics of the China―Pakistan economic corridor

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