indian army entry gd post and last promotion list pdf

Indian army entry gd post and last promotion list pdf

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Army ranks and insignia of India

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Candidates should born between 01 Oct to 30 Sep Both dates inclusive. Contributing: David Larter of Navy Times. How the Navy Promotes Officers. Grade on entry upon active duty. The documents will be used to create your application: This date must have at least a five day lead time to allow for processing of.

Army ranks and insignia of India

But, do you know everything that you need to know before getting there? Most of the youngsters these days want to join the Indian army because they see a safe future in it, and this is totally understandable.

But, one should have proper knowledge before applying for the Indian Army. So, ask yourself the question of why to join the Indian army first, then come to any conclusion.

Every year, the army releases the notification for thousands of recruitment, and lakhs of aspirants apply for the recruitment even without collecting the full information. Here is the pay matrix for the army as per the 7th pay commission.

All the ranks in the Indian army fall under one of the levels given in the above table. The table describes the starting salary for each level. Starting from the non commissioned officers, as we progress the ranks and salary of army personnel also increases. A non commissioned officer has the least authority in the rank hierarchy after sepoy. Not all the ranks have a direct entry in the army, in fact, there are very few ranks where direct entry through the different process is allowed, the rest of the ranks are given after promotion.

Starting from the smallest or first rank sepoy we will move towards the highest rank field marshal. Anyone who is recruited in the Indian army has to go for the training first irrespective of the post. The candidates are given a stipend instead of calling it salary. The stipend of the training period can be between to , depending on the pay band of the rank in which the candidate has been recruited.

Level in pay matrix — 3. Government employees are given compensation for activities that will need expenditure like, transportation facilities, House rental allowance HRA for house rents, etc.

These are called extra allowances. Apart from other facilities like housing, food, etc. Transport Allowance of Rs. Anyone between 17 and a half to 21 years of age can be a soldier irrespective of caste, color, and creed. You Just have to pass the Metric and fit in the eligibility criteria in order to join the Indian Army as a sepoy. There are various trades for which you can apply as per your eligibility like, tradesman, GD, clerk, nursing assistant, technical, etc.

After applying online, you will need to attend the Bharti where candidates have to face certain tests and clear them to get recruited. This is known as PFT physical fitness test. After PFT, comes a medical and written exam.

Based on all these tests, a final merit list is released and if your name is there in the merit list then you will be called for the training period. Note that the salary mentioned against each rank is just the starting or minimum salary of that rank. Level in pay matrix — NA. A sepoy is promoted to the post of lance naik. There is not too much difference between sepoy and lance naik.

Since we could not get any official record for the salary of lance naik therefore the salary and level are not given. The arm patch of a lance naik has a chevron on it the image is given above. Level in pay matrix — 4. The rank of Naik is given to a person once he is promoted from lance naik. There are two rank chevrons on the arm patch of a naik.

Level in pay matrix — 5. Havildar is the last post of non commissioned officer ranks category. There are 3 rank chevrons on the arm patch of havildar. Havildar is one of the rare posts for which direct entry is possible. One can apply for Surveyor Auto Carto, Education havildar to get selected for this rank.

Generally, people consider the havildar rank of the army and havildar rank of police equal, but it is not so. This rank of the army is much more sophisticated and much more paid than the police. Level in pay matrix — 6. Reaching this post means a significant hike in salary since this post comes under 6 levels of the pay matrix. A havildar is promoted to the rank of naib subedar after promotion.

Instead of having a patch on arm, the junior commissioned officers have a shoulder patch. The shoulder patch of a naib subedar has one five-pointed star of golden color and a yellow strip with red bounders above and below it.

Level in pay matrix — 7. Subedar is considered as the most prestigious post after SM. Till you reach this post, you will gain a lot of experience. Majority of people who get recruited as sepoy retires at the rank of a subedar. The shoulder patch of a subedar consists of gold color 2 five-pointed stars and a yellow strip with red upper and lower boundary. Level in pay matrix — 8. The shoulder patch of an SM has a gold national emblem and a strip. Level in pay matrix — Both, SM and subedar are eligible to become hon.

The promotion is done on the basis of the previous record and performance of the eligible candidates. Though, a JCO who becomes hon. Also, even if a subedar becomes hon. Level in pay matrix — 10B. A hon. The shoulder patch of the hon. Army personnel in the rank of the officer is respected everywhere, not only that, the salaries of army officers are very attractive. Even the beginners enjoy a good salary package. We will proceed according to the rank hierarchy i.

During the training period in NDA, cadets are not provided any pocket money. But once the cadet arrives in the academy they have to submit some amount of money for different purposes which are explained below in the table:. Out of the given following amount on the above table, some of the money is refundable only if the financial aid is sanctioned to the cadet.

Once commissioned, the balance is paid to him as an outstanding payment to his stipend. A person who has served as a lieutenant in the Indian army for at least 2 years, is eligible to become a captain in the Army.

The shoulder patch of the captain is same as that of the hon. The shoulder patch of major has gold coloured national emblem.

Level in pay matrix — 12A. A person who has served 13 years in the Indian army is eligible to be a Lieutenant Colonel. The shoulder patch of the lieutenant colonel has a gold national emblem and a gold-coloured five-pointer star. The Lieutenant colonel after fulfilling 15 years of commissioned service becomes eligible to be a colonel. The shoulder patch of the colonel contains a national emblem and 2 five-pointed stars all in gold colour.

Along with the shoulder patch, a colonel also has a collar patch of crimson color with a golden colour braid in it. The collar patch is on both ends of the collars. Level in pay matrix — 13A. To become a Brigadier, one has to serve at least 25 years as a commissioned officer in the Indian army. Reaching the post of brigadier means that you have served your country for a long time.

The shoulder patch of this rank has a national emblem, and 3 five-pointed stars all in golden colour. After serving at least 32 years of commissioned service is required in order to be eligible for this rank. The shoulder patch has a five-pointed star, a sabre, and a baton all golden color with a red color outline. For army personnel to be eligible for the lieutenant-general post, at least 36 years of service as a commissioned officer is required.

The shoulder patch of this rank has a national emblem with sabre and baton in cross position all in gold colour with a red outline. The shoulder patch of a general has a national emblem, a five-pointed star, and a sabre and a baton in a cross position.

All these symbols are in golden colour and have a red colour outlining. The collar patch of general has 4 golden colour stars embedded on a crimson color strip or patch. A field marshal is the highest honor and rank for any army personale. This rank is not included in the normal rank hierarchy of the army as people are not appointed for this post now.

In the history of the Indian army, only two people are appointed as field marshal posts i. A filed marshal never retire even when they are no longer serving the country. They get a salary all life long. The shoulder patch of field marshal has a national emblem, a sabre and a baton in a cross position, and a lotus wreath below the cross. Please note that the salaries mentioned in each rank are just the starting salary, after adding other benefits like allowances the salary goes even higher.

Also, the yearly increment is added to the salary for all posts.

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Each unit and Headquarters HQ of the Army is self contained in maintaining itself in all respects. It is like a society which is fully self sustaining and not dependent on outside help. Thus each unit has its own cook house, stores, living quarters and lines, offices, vehicles and equipment. There is thus a requirement of a lot of support staff to run various institutes and to maintain the unit area. Some of the functionalities will not work if javascript off.

A career in defence forces promises one of the most prestigious and respected positions in the country. Youngsters who aspire to choose a career of excitement, adventure, and challenges can find no better place than defence to meet all their professional expectations. The various paramilitary organisations and various inter-service institutions also help the Indian Armed Forces. The Ministry of Defence is responsible for the management of armed forces in India. The Indian Armed Forces symbolize the ideals of service, patriotism and composite culture of the country. Recruitment to the Armed Forces is voluntary and open to all citizens of India irrespective of caste, class, religion and community, provided the laid down physical, medical and educational criteria are met.

Special List Officers (GD Categories/Semi-skilled Note: Reserve liability of all JCOs is up to 54 years of age or five years after For promotion to Sub Maj there should not be any red ink entry in the rank of Last five report in the rk Auth: Govt of India, Min of Def Letter No 15(1)/83/D(AG) dated 28 Jul.

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The following tables present the ranks of the Indian Army. These ranks generally correspond with those of Western militaries, and in particular reflect those of the British and Commonwealth armies. Traditional names for ranks are still used, as well as Western names. After 26 January , when India became a republic , the President of India became Commander-in-Chief, and the Ashoka Lion replaced the crown, with a five-pointed star being substituted for the "pip.

The minimum physical standards for the various regions are as follows:. The following categories will be permitted relaxations in physical standards as mentioned against each:. The following Bonus Marks will be awarded on qualifying in the written examination to under mentioned categories :. Some of the functionalities will not work if javascript off.

But, do you know everything that you need to know before getting there? Most of the youngsters these days want to join the Indian army because they see a safe future in it, and this is totally understandable. But, one should have proper knowledge before applying for the Indian Army.

NDA Vs CDS: What is the difference?

However, there are differences in the exam pattern, eligibility, salary, ranks, etc. Though both the exams are conducted by the Union Public Service Commission twice a year, there are many similarities and differences in the recruitment, training, salary, perks, promotion, eligibility, etc. Here, the cadets of the three services, Army, Navy and the Air Force train together before they go on to the respective service academies for further pre-commissioning training.


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