refrigerator and heat pump pdf

Refrigerator and heat pump pdf

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Applications of Thermodynamics: Heat Pumps and Refrigerators

Difference between Refrigerator and Heat pumps

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In its most basic form, a vapor-compression refrigeration system [see Van Wylen ] consists of an evaporator, a compressor, a condenser, a throttling device which is usually an expansion valve or capillary tube and the connecting tubing. The working fluid is the refrigerant, such as freon or ammonia, which goes through a thermodynamic cycle see also Refrigeration.

In this study, an existing laboratory heat pump is converted to a refrigeration unit in order to evaluate efficiency, power consumption, pressure and temperature variations and optimal charge amount of the system in new mode using refrigerant RC. Refrigerant charge amount has a key role in the terms of performance, operating cost regarding to the charge reduction and energy consumption and environmental concerns in all heat pump and refrigeration systems, which work on the same principles. Heat pump charge amount is the subject of many research, but less studies have been done in the case of refrigerators and freezers where the system works in the transient condition, on the contrary to the heat pump units. Although this study has been devoted to a detailed attempt to examine the possibility of converting the heat pump into the refrigerator, energy aspects of the whole system and the compressor have been analyzed under different working conditions.

Applications of Thermodynamics: Heat Pumps and Refrigerators

All the components of the heat pumps are same as the refrigerator and even they perform the similar functions; the only difference is that in the heat pumps the components work in a reverse manner. The heat pump is the reverse refrigerator. The main purpose of the refrigerator is to chill or cool or freeze the substance, by maintaining very low temperature in the freezer. It absorbs the heat from the freezer or evaporator and throws it to the atmosphere which is at high temperature. The main purpose of the heat pump is to heat the room during winter seasons or when the atmospheric temperature is very low. It absorbs the heat from the atmosphere which is at low temperature and throws it to the room which is at high temperature and which is to be heated.

A heat pump is a device used to warm and sometimes also cool buildings by transferring thermal energy from a cooler space to a warmer space using the refrigeration cycle , being the opposite direction in which heat transfer would take place without the application of external power. Common device types include air source heat pumps , ground source heat pumps , water source heat pumps and exhaust air heat pumps. Heat pumps are also often used in district heating systems. The higher the number, the more efficient a heat pump is and the less energy it consumes. When used for space heating these devices are typical much more energy efficient than simple electrical resistance heaters. Air source heat pumps are used to move heat between two heat exchangers, one outside the building which is fitted with fins through which air is forced using a fan and the other which either heats the air inside the building directly or heats water which is then circulated around the building through heat emitters which release the heat to the building.

Difference between Refrigerator and Heat pumps

Figure 1. Almost every home contains a refrigerator. Heat pumps, air conditioners, and refrigerators utilize heat transfer from cold to hot. They are heat engines run backward. We say backward, rather than reverse, because except for Carnot engines, all heat engines, though they can be run backward, cannot truly be reversed. Heat transfer occurs from a cold reservoir Q c and into a hot one. This requires work input W , which is also converted to heat transfer.

Refrigerators, like heat engines, are cyclic devices. The working fluid used in the refrigeration cycle is called a refrigerant. The most frequently used refrigeration.

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In heat engine the heat supplied to the engine is converted into useful work. If Q 2 is the heat supplied to the engine and Q 1 is the heat rejected from the engine, the net work done by the engine is given by:. The performance of a heat engine is expressed by its efficiency. We know that the efficiency or coefficient of performance of an engine,. Refrigerator is a reversed heat engine which either cool or maintain the temperature of a body T 1 lower than the atmospheric temperature Ta.

Hello Readers, in today's session, we will discuss on the Difference between a Refrigerator, Heat Pump, and Heat Engine in a detailed way with respective figures. Before going to the differences, let give you an overview of these three devices. In a heat engine, the heat supplied to the engine is converted into useful work. If Q2 is the heat supplied to the engine and Q1 is the heat rejected from the heat engine, then the network done by the engine is given by. The performance of a refrigerator is the "ratio of the amount of heat taken from the Cold body Q1 to the amount of work to be done on the system WR.


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