crime and punishment novel pdf

Crime and punishment novel pdf

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Download book CRIME AND PUNISHMENT (by Fyodor Dostoyevsky) epub, pdf, mobi, fb2


Crime and Punishment opens in s St. Petersburg, where Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov , an impoverished former student, has come psychologically unhinged.

This work is a translation of Crime e Castigo. Delitto e castigo is a translation of this work. Andekas mr Ripley is a translation of this work.


Crime and Punishment opens in s St. Petersburg, where Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov , an impoverished former student, has come psychologically unhinged. Upon leaving, he repeats to himself his intentions: he will murder the old crone and rob her. Raskolnikov meets a drunk named Marmeladov , who tells of his troubles and his daughter Sonya , a prostitute. Raskolnikov receives a letter from his mother Pulcheria , who reports that his sister Dunya , once a governess working for the Svidrigailov family, has been courted by Mr.

Svidrigailov , fired by Mrs. Marfa Svidrigailov , exonerated publically by the same woman, and then proposed to by a government official named Luzhin. Pulcheria notes that Raskolnikov will soon have a chance to meet Luzhin in Petersburg.

After walking through the Haymarket , he overhears Lizaveta in conversation, and it is revealed she will leave the apartment for a brief time the following day.

He decides that fate has intervened: he must go through with his plan. He kills the pawnbroker, attempts to rob her, and kills Lizaveta when she walks unexpectedly into the room. Two men come upstairs hoping to do business with the old woman; they see the door is locked from the inside and go to fetch the caretaker.

Raskolnikov runs out and ducks into an apartment being painted by two workers, Mikolai or Nikolai and Mitka , who have just had a fight and run outside themselves. He faints in the station when the police begin discussing the murders. His friend Razumikhin appears later, vowing to help Raskolnikov, whom he fears is sick.

Later, when Luzhin visits Raskolnikov, Raskolnikov says that he will not permit Luzhin to marry his sister. Raskolnikov has a strange conversation with Zamyotov , the police-station clerk, describing how he would have murdered the two women. He later finds Marmeladov crushed under the wheels of a wagon, and gives a significant amount of money to Katerina , his widow, for the funeral and a feast.

Svidrigailov arrives and speaks with Raskolnikov, claiming that his love for Dunya was genuine, and that he now lives in the same apartment building as Sonya. Luzhin meets with Raskolnikov, Pulcheria, and Dunya, attempting to settle his marriage to Dunya, but in doing so Luzhin so insults Dunya that the engagement is broken off. Raskolnikov meets with Sonya and asks her to read him the story of Lazarus , a man Jesus raised from the dead.

Porfiry says he has a surprise for Raskolnikov—a witness who claims to know the true murderer. Porfiry opens the door and Mikolai the painter stumbles in, confessing to the crimes and confusing Porfiry and Raskolnikov. Luzhin is run out of the house. Meanwhile Raskolnikov visits Sonya again and confesses to her that he has murdered Lizaveta and the old crone. Sonya is shocked but vows to protect him.

He intends to use this information to blackmail Raskolnikov into enabling his marriage to Dunya. Raskolnikov passes several days in a fog and is visited by Porfiry, who says he knows that Raskolnikov is the killer. Porfiry gives Raskolnikov two days to mull over his options, but he encourages Raskolnikov to confess in order to receive a lighter sentence.

Raskolnikov meets with Svidrigailov, who announces his intentions with Dunya; Raskolnikov wishes to protect his sister, but she meets secretly with Svidrigailov, who attempts to rape her.

Dunya has brought a gun and shoots Svidrigailov, narrowly missing. She says she will never run away with him, and he lets her go. Svidrigailov later kills himself out of despair. Raskolnikov confesses his guilt to this sister but not to his mother, to whom he bids an ambiguous farewell.

Dunya encourages Raskolnikov to repent for his crime. Raskolnikov goes to the police station and confesses to Gunpowder, the assistant to Nikodim the police chief. Sonya goes to Siberia with him and writes to Petersburg of his activities. Razumikhin marries Dunya and Pulcheria dies in a fit of delirium. The narrator implies that Raskolnikov eventually succeeds in this, though the process is a difficult one and saved for another story. Crime and Punishment. Plot Summary. All Symbols Haymarket Lazarus.

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Download book CRIME AND PUNISHMENT (by Fyodor Dostoyevsky) epub, pdf, mobi, fb2

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This work is a translation of Crime e Castigo. Delitto e castigo is a translation of this work. Andekas mr Ripley is a translation of this work. Crime e castigo is a translation of this work. Crimen y castigo is a translation of this work. Crime and Punishment is a translation of this work. Misdaad en straf is a translation of this work.


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