tungsten carbide grades and applications pdf

Tungsten carbide grades and applications pdf

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Tungsten Carbide Properties

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Tungsten Carbide

Guide , Designer , Tungsten , Carbide , Designer s guide to tungsten carbide. Link to this page:.

Tungsten Carbide Properties

Introduction of Products. Cemented carbide is a hard metal and a sintered composite material of metal carbides Group IV, V and VI in periodic table with ferrous metals, such as Fe, Co and Ni, as binders. WC-Co based alloys have excellent mechanical characteristics so that they are commonly known as cemented carbides. Every alloy has features of stable physical properties and high strength, also with good high-temperature hardness. Furthermore, cemented carbides with Ni as a binder phase have stronger corrosion-resistance than those with Co and can be used as non-ferromagnetic materials by controlling the solution amount of W into Ni.

Cemented carbides are manufactured by the unique method, called powder metallurgy. It is the method of making forms by sintering the pressed powder. As tungsten carbide WC , mainly used in cemented carbides, is very difficult to be melt and formed like iron because of its high melting point degrees Celsius , cemented carbides are manufactured by this method.

Main Features of Cemented Carbide. Cemented Carbide with corrosion-resistance. Nowadays, cemented carbides are adopted in many applications that need high corrosion-resistance.

We have been developing and providing various materials through our research about corrosion-resistant property. Cemented Carbide of Super-fine Grains. Applying super-fine WC grains, we made it possible for our products, such as NT die cutters and mold components, to have high-strength and high-hardness.

V20 VM G2 G20 VF FN20 VF SF50 Reference SKH material 8. The test pieces were left alone in a solution of atmosphere for a day and then measured for decreases in weight caused by corrosion. The results were ranked as follows in accordance with DIN German industrial standard : Ranking decrease in weight by corrosion A: Excellent,2. Inquiry form. Nippon Tungsten Co. Copyright C Nippon Tungsten Co. All right reserved. For its outstanding resistance to wear, the material is used for mechanical seals, rings, nozzles, guides, bushings, inspection gauges, and others.

The material is used for mechanical articles requiring resistance to wear. The material can be adopted for use in trimming blades, die cutters, and other sharp-edged cutters. The material is expected to bring a longer service life in super-fine particle alloy applications. For its high toughness, the material is suited for use in thin blades and trimming blades.

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Tungsten carbide chemical formula : WC is a chemical compound specifically, a carbide containing equal parts of tungsten and carbon atoms. In its most basic form, tungsten carbide is a fine gray powder, but it can be pressed and formed into shapes through a process called sintering for use in industrial machinery , cutting tools , abrasives , armor-piercing shells and jewellery. Tungsten carbide is approximately twice as stiff as steel , with a Young's modulus of approximately — GPa 77, to , ksi , [4] [7] [8] [9] and is double the density of steel —nearly midway between that of lead and gold. Historically referred to as Wolfram, Wolf Rahm , wolframite ore discovered by Peter Woulfe was then later carburized and cemented with a binder creating a composite now called "tungsten carbide". Colloquially among workers in various industries such as machining , tungsten carbide is often simply called carbide.

Tungsten Carbide

The Company reserves the right to change, amend or modify the chemical composition and or physical specifications of its product grades. Vista Metals, Inc. East Smithfield Street. And in hardness tungsten carbide is second only to the diamond.

The Right Carbide Grade - Hartmetall ESTECH

Carbide rods are also known as rotary tool blanks and cutting tool blanks by many. We are also proud to set the industry standard for geometric tolerances. The use of Hyperion carbide rods means secured consistency, performance, and reliability. Togther we are able the provide a solution for all your carbide rod needs. Options on carbide grade, rod diameter, coolant hole diameter, length, finish, and chamfer.

The following is a list of Tungsten Carbide Properties. Different Grades of Tungsten Carbide will differ in Strength, Rigidity, and other Properties, but all Tungsten Carbide Material falls into the basic properties listed below. For more indepth information on the properties of specific grades of Tungsten carbide , or more information on Carbide and other tool Materials visit our Tool Tipping Material Index. Strength - Tungsten carbide has very high strength for a material so hard and rigid. Compressive strength is higher than virtually all melted and cast or forged metals and alloys. Rigidity - Tungsten carbide compositions range from two to three times as rigid as steel and four to six times as rigid as cast iron and brass.

Tungsten carbide

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