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Questions and problems in school physics pdf

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To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Theresa Okafor. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. It seeks to describe how nature operates within a frame work of physical laws which are descriptions of experience and physical theory. Its subject matter ranges from sub nuclear particles to cosmology physically that provides answers to some of the philosophical significant questions asked by the people Harper and Row, Science in general with special reference to physics has become an integral part of our lives.

Presently, the entire world is filled up with various works of science and these tend to make the lives of the citizenry more comfortable. For example, the multitude of curriculum reform programmes which resulted from the challenges of the first human rocket Sputnik in , mostly in the area of physics in America, Russia, Britain and other European counties, in contrast, not many developing counties have given any form of priority to physics.

The study of physics has been and will continue to be of tremendous importance to humanity for its ability to explain natural Phenomena and every day occurrences as well as its central role in the world's current technological development Ikwa, andIkwa, Notable area among others, are in transportation, aviation, medicine, health, human leisure or comfort, agriculture, industry, warfare, peace, information data processing and communications ST AN , Ogunleye, as in Onwioudnokit and lkwa Within the past two decades, each of these areas has witnessed rapid advances and innovations particularly within this global era of computer technology.

These pose a lot of challenges for all three categories of persons vis-a-vis physicists, physics teachers and physics educators involved in physics education, physics curriculum development, resource utilization, improvisation, appropriate teaching strategies and the inculcations of positive attitude on learners or students of physics towards mathematically related physics questions.

A physics educator is one who goes beyond physics teaching to researching with possible areas of facilitating instruction in physics Oguniyi, andIvowi, , the research areas include physics curriculum itself -its development and evaluation. There are problems involved in physics education such as insufficient infrastructural and teaching facilities, insufficient manpower, cultural inhibitions, care free attitude of both teachers and learners, poor enrolment of students, low participation of females, wrong perceptions or misconceptions and difficulties students encounter in answering mathematical related physics questions Ivowi, , Onwioudnokit, These and more problems have persisted and hindered progress in the field of physics education in the 21"century in Nigeria.

Other reasons for the observed trend are overloaded curriculum and poor understanding of mathematical related physics concepts involved due to their "Difficult" nature Onwioudnokit, , Ivowi, and NERDC In other to reverse this unfortunate situation or trend in keeping with the needs of this millennium, there is an obvious need to adopt a meaningful, dynamic and deliberate strategies and innovations in the teaching of physics.

Statement of the problemThe present situation of physics students' performance in Nigeria is not encouraging for several years, and enrolment in physics has been poor among other science subjects Okafor A situation where most students take physics as a very difficult subject is something that gives worry to the generality of the populace. Okafor said that solving mathematical problems in physics is among the problems involved in teaching physics.

Therefore a study of this nature is imperative in Nigerian Secondary Schools to determine the www. Purpose of the studyThe main purpose of this study was to find out the difficulties secondary school Physics students encountered in answering mathematical related physics' questions and proffer possible solutions to this problem. Research questionsThe following research questions were posed to guide this study. To what extent does students' attitude towards physics contribute to their achievement in mathematical related physics questions.

To what extent does students' achievement in physics affected by lack of basic mathematical skills. Does physics teacher's method of teaching physics affect students' achievement in mathematical related physics questions? Does student's poor enrolment background contribute to their inability to answer mathematical related physics question. Sample and sampling techniqueThe researcher first of all stratified all the senior secondary schools in Njikoka Local Government Area into male and female schools.

Five 5 selected from male senior secondary schools and three 3 were selected from female senior secondary schools; thus giving a total of eight 8 secondary schools. Intact classes of SS 11 physics students were used giving a total of 72 students.

InstrumentThe instrument used for this study was questionnaire. The questionnaire was designed based on the research questions proposed for the study. The questionnaire was made up eighteen items. All items represent statements to which the respondents responded to on a 4 point modified liked scale, ranging from very often, often, rarely to very rarely.

Items I -8 were objective wh ile question 9 was a theory paper. Items 10 were based on teacher related factor and items 15 were based on environmental factors. The questionnaire was designed for the general perception on their attitude towards physics, lack of basic mathematical skills, physics teacher's method of teaching, poor environmental background and finally the problem they encountered in answering mathematical related physics questions.

The specialist approved the face validity of the instrument and endorsed the questionnaire as having content validity after removing items that were found to be of less importance to the study. The reliability of the questionnaire was determined by using the test retest method. The questionnaire was administrated to 15 SSII physics in another school outside the area of study.

A two week test retest reliability method was carried out on the respondents. The weeks internal was to ensure that respondents do not remember exactly their previous responses and the items being measured are relatively stable among respondents in order to show consistency in scores in both tests.

The scores obtained were correlated and the reliability co-efficient of 0. Reliability of the instrument Method of data collectionThe researcher with the aid of two research assistants administered the instrument, so as to ensure orderliness and avoidance of attrition instruction on how to fill the questionnaire followed their distribution. The respondents filled the questionnaire immediately and returned them on the spot.

Data AnalysisThe data generated from the respondents were analyzed by testing the four research questions formulated for the study.

Data collected were subjected to analytical procedures using frequency. The data of table la of above show that Research Question 2To what extent does students' achievement in physics affected by lack of basic mathematical skills. To answer this research question, questions 2a and 2b were used.

From the results of table 3a, The data of table 3c above showed that Research Question 4Does student's poor enrolment background contribute to their inability to answer mathematical related physics question. Table 4 showed that only Their main reason was that physics is an abstract and difficult subject. This is in line with Maduabum and Madubike who said that mass failure of physics students in West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination was due to the negative ideologies they have towards physics.

The study also showed that physics students do not have basic knowledge in mathematics. This is due to the fact that most of the students do not attend mathematics lessons because they had already assumed that they must fail mathematics. This finding is in line with the observation of Obi who described that most students do not have interest mathematics as compared to other subjects.

Moreover, the study showed that the students' level of achievements in mathematical aspect of physics is related to the physics teacher's teaching style. Students understand mathematical aspect of physics when they make use of their ears, eyes, hands and brain. This finding is in line with that of Abduhahi who identi fled that physics teachers should not be so rigid in their choice of teaching methods but should be practically oriented. It is also in line with Ezemuo who found that laboratory works form the foundation on which the whole structure of physics is built.

This is because it brings students in contact with physical materials and apparatus and gives them the opportunity of acquiring basic experimental skills and techniques.

In addition, the findings of the study showed that majority of the students were uninterested in attending their physics lessons. The reason was that physics is too abstract. The study also finds out that the students should be excited in physics lessons if they are exposed to their physical environment. A student benefits maximally from the learning experiences to which he is exposed.

This is in line with Ofoefuna who pointed out that learners learn most in a conducive environment, such environment should be physically comfortable. In other words, the noise level should be tolerable and legitimate noise distractions are knowledged by the teacher.

ConclusionThe conclusion drawn from this study is that the difficulties encountered by secondary school physics student in answering mathematical related physics question are caused by multiinteracting factors such as student factor, teacher factor, environment factor etc.

However the study showed that students' lack of interest in physics and improper methodology of teaching physics as shown by the respondents indicated the difficulties secondary school physics students encountered in answering mathematical related physics questions. RecommendationsAnambra State Ministry of Education should make genuine effort to ensure that the Physics teachers employed in secondary school have mathematical knowledge in order to ensure students' ability in answering mathematical related physics questions.

Physics teachers should always employ the use of theoretical and practical methods simultaneously for teaching and learning at the class-room level, the teacher should try to improvise some teaching materials and laboratory equipment themselves with aid of physics students such as ripple tanks, meter rule, drawing board etc.

The following teaching methods should be promoted to enhance the quality of physics education: inquiry approach, project method, computer -assisted technique and mastery learning technique. Science allowance should be paid to all qualified physics teachers. This will serve as sort of motivation to physics teachers and will be reflected in their being more dedicated to their work. The data of table Ib of show that Table 2b :2bHow often do you solve mathematical physics assignment given to you by your physics teacher?

To answer this research question, table 3a, 3b and 3cwere used. Table3a: How often docs your teacher refer you to the physics text book?

Table 3c :3cHow often does your physics teacher give you assignment that involves mathematical related physics question? Related Papers. By Theresa Okafor. By ebuka okafor. Download pdf. Remember me on this computer. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link.

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(Reader) will find this text to be perhaps more like a freely told story or, rather a freely conducted is a book on physics education.

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