patents and designs act nigeria pdf

Patents and designs act nigeria pdf

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Published: 02.06.2021

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About Patent Games in the Global South

About Patent Games in the Global South

This book is also available in other formats: View formats. Please note that ebooks are subject to tax and the final price may vary depending on your country of residence. In this thought-provoking analysis, the author takes three examples of emerging markets Brazil, India, and Nigeria and tells their stories of pharmaceutical patent law-making.

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An inventor who knows about patents and understands the best way to use them has a huge advantage in protecting their invention. Congress grants inventors different kinds of patents to protect different kinds of inventions. Learning how to use each kind of patent application will help any inventor better utilize the U. Patent Office to protect his or her invention. Different types of patent applications exist so that inventors can protect different kinds of inventions. Savvy inventors can utilize the different kinds of patent applications to secure the rights they need to protect their inventions.

This Overview covers the various design rights both registered and unregistered that can be relied on by right holders in the UK. For more information, see Practice Notes: Design rights before and after Brexit—comparison table and What does IP completion day mean for intellectual property? The four design rights available in the UK prior to IP completion day ie including during the implementation period for the Withdrawal Agreement signed by the UK and EU are set out below. Each of the above rights differs in terms of qualifying criteria, scope and duration of protection. Re-registered designs and re-registered international designs effectively operate in the same way as UK registered designs and are governed by RDA In the circumstances, the points set out in this Overview in relation to UK registered designs apply substantially to such comparable registrations. Continuing unregistered design right and supplementary unregistered design right have much in common with UCDs save that they cover the UK only , so the points set out in this Overview in relation to UCDs apply to such rights in some respects save that the territory is different.

Innovation is crucial to the development and deployment of technologies. A widely deployed model to understand technology builds on the concept of the technology life cycle. Different processes occur at each stage of the life cycle, providing various opportunities to employ instruments that promote innovation. One group of such instruments relates to IPR. IPR refers broadly to the ownership of intellectual findings in the industrial, scientific, literary and artistic fields. IPR grants inventors certain exclusive rights over their creations; it aims to encourage creative activity for the benefit of society by affording inventors an opportunity to derive fair returns from their investments. Traditionally, IPR is divided into two forms: industrial property rights and copyright.

About Patent Games in the Global South

In Nigeria, an industrial design can be protected by registration, with the Nigerian Patents and Designs Registry. The Patents and Designs Act [5] governs the registration of industrial designs and according to the Act, an industrial design is registrable if it is new and not contrary to public order or morality. An industrial design is new if it has not been made available to the public before an application for registration is filed at the registry. For instance, if it has been advertised, it will not be regarded as new as it has become part of the public domain. It will also not be regarded as new if it is similar to an existing design and the difference between the design and the existing design is insignificant, [7] or because the product to which the design is applied is different from that of an existing design.

In a recent edition of the nation's favourite soap, Coronation Street, a small incident occurred which illustrated in a nutshell the problems facing the deviser of an industrial design in seeking to protect that design from being copied. Angie, a student of fashion design at the local polytechnic put on a successful show of her designs. Emboldened by the favourable reception she set out a couple of days later for an appointment with a local dress manufacturer to try and sell her designs. She returned a few hours later in tears and with hopes dashed. She had arrived at the firm only to discover that her designs were already being made up into dresses. The designs had been copied at the show and already sold to or copied by them.

Specifically, the paper looks at provisions of the Patents and Designs Act as contained in Chapter of the Laws of the Federation of Nigeria The paper further examines provisions that address the exclusion from patentability, criteria for patentability, the rights conferred by patents in Nigeria and details the procedure for applying for the grant of a patent in Nigeria. Read more. This article reviews the interpretation placed on the said section by Nigerian Courts and an alternative interpretation is suggested. Many predict that over the next decade, Africa is likely to eclipse Asia as the fastest-growing economic region. Email: trademarks nlipw. United States.

An Act to make comprehensive provisions for the registration and proprietorship of patents and designs in Nigeria and other matters ancillary thereto. [ No.

About Patent Games in the Global South

Growing frustration in the fashion community regarding weak or non-existent intellectual property laws has finally caught the attention of some nations. Nigeria is one nation that currently is trying to alleviate this frustration by reforming its intellectual property laws. This reform is driven, in part, because, Lagos, Nigeria has quickly risen as a fashion hub, and has been compared with such fashion centers as London, Paris, Milan, and New York. Nigerian designers have recently experienced great global success and visibility. For example, Amaka Osakwe has been pushing the limits of Nigerian fashion and has gained the attention of fashionistas in the United States and abroad.

What Are the Different Types of Patents?

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